The Ugandan Journal of Management and Public Policy Studies (UJMPPS) is a multidisciplinary Journal publishing a wide range of articles relating to public administration, management, leadership and public policy based on empirical studies and theoretical orientations to practical application. The Journal reviews books, essays, and research notes that are relevant to scholars and practitioners involved at all levels of administration and management within business firms, non-governmental organizations, public institutions and individual networks. This document provides guidelines and ethical standards for the peer review mechanism and specifies processes for submitting manuscripts, reviewing articles, selecting editors and final printing of journal issues.

Aim and scope
The Ugandan Journal of Management and Public Policy Studies is a scholarly journal published to scientifically address the problems, interests and concerns of managers and intellectuals interested and involved in management science. UJMPPS aims at improving the understanding and practice of management and public policy. The Journal is an essential reading publishing articles from a wide range of accomplished and emerging scholars all over the world and is an important resource for:

  • Management Development Institutions
  • Social Science Faculties and Research Institutions
  • Graduate teachers and researchers in management science
  • Civil service practitioners
  • Students of management
  • All people interested in the practice of Management