Public Private Partnership (PPP) Projects in Uganda

Potential Models of PPP Projects for Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA)

  • Dr. Innocent Nuwagaba Uganda Management Institute
Keywords: Diagnosis, Public Private Partnerships, Models, Roads, Authority


Since 2008, UNRA has severally lost funds due to poor management of PPP projects. This phenomenon is partly attributed to limited capacity in the roads sector, to analyze and determine appropriate PPP models. This study entailed analysis of PPP models, qualifying some for uptake by UNRA. The study was guided by the principal-agent theory. The objectives of the study were; to examine the different PPP models used in the roads sector in Uganda and to identify those usable by UNRA. The sample size comprised of 127 key internal stakeholders of UNRA. Respondents were selected using simple random sampling. Data was collected using self-administered questionnaires and documents review check list. Data was analysed using descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. The study found that UNRA uses the PPP models of Design, Build, Operate (DBO), Build, Own and Operate (BOO), Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) and Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT). The findings indicate that UNRA needs to select the most efficient PPP model and recommend other models for private road contractors in Uganda. The study recommends that UNRA considers introducing other models such as Design Build Finance (DBF), Design Build Finance Maintain (DBFM), Design Build Finance Operate (DBFO) and Design Build Finance Operate Maintain (DBFOM) to improve efficiency when working with its partners to implement PPP projects in the roads sector.